Automatic timing with devices from Yellow Bricks will be used in the Ultra Trail Nuuk 2019.

The Trackers

We have over 1000 trackers for rental, all of which use Iridium satellites to transmit position information back
to us. We choose Iridium because it works anywhere on Earth, even in the polar regions. No other satellite
network can guarantee to send a position at any time, from anywhere.

The Features

305 grams weight
• 14.4cm x 7cm x 3.6cm
• Internal Battery
• Internal GPS and Iridium Antennae
• Fully waterproof
• Approximately 2200 transmissions per
battery when transmitting hourly (rechargeable)
Fitting YB3s is very simple and easy. They come
with a rugged pouch that is easily fitted to a rail using high
strength Velcro wraps. They can also be fitted using a
windscreen mount or can simply be placed in a rucksack.
We can reprogram YB3s remotely, so if a person is in
distress we can increase the transmission frequency
to get a more regular fix on their position.

Tracker return

If the tracker are not returned the participant will be charged for it.