Participants must pick up their race package on the 11th or the 1th of August. For further information click here.

The race starts in Qooqqut, on Saturday, August 1st 2020 at 6:00 am and ends in NSP house, in Nuuk.

For security reasons, all participants must wear the race number at all times above their waistline and in front.


Please note that there may be some changes in the schedule when it gets closer to the race.

05:00     There will be lunch at hotel Qooqqut
05:30     30 minutes before start, there will be a shot breafing, and if there is some changes to the run
06:00     The Ultra Trail Nuuk will be started at the start point. Please be ready at the starting point

At the starting point there will be a security check:

All participants must wear their race number on their front side and at waist hight or higher.  You will be asked to show your whistle and space blanket include you tracking spot.

Kobberfjord cut off time:

Those participants that do not leave the drinking station by the kobberfjord within the 11 hours time limit will not be allowed to continue the race and will transported back to Katuaq, Nuuk by boot. See further information here.

Tracking on the Internet:
We expect the first runner to be in NSP house, Nuuk at 3:00 Pm. Use this link to spot you favorit runner.

After finishing the race, runners must give the tracking spot and sign out to the race oprerator in NSP House, Nuuk.